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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ensuring Future Prosperity

I was going to title this post "Surviving", but I realized that isn't what it is about. Really, how many of us want to "survive"? We want to keep living, sure, but really, what we want is to prosper, we want things to get better every day.

I store food. I store quite a bit, actually. I store not out of paranoia, but for the same reason I carry a gun. Preparedness. I believe in taking sensible precautions, that's all. I have multiple fire extinguishers at my house, and one in each car. I carry a gun whenever possible, save for when I am disarmed by government/employer fiat. I have life insurance and auto/home insurance as well. I like to not leave things to chance. What would happen, if I were laid off tomorrow? How would I feed my family? Well, we would go to the pantry, and make some food. We could make it quite some time on what we have stores, before things got uncomfortable, and even longer before things would get desperate. This is the way I provide for my family.

How do you start something like food storage? To most, it seems a daunting task, what with MREs and dehydrated foods available. "What exactly do I do, now that I have 150 pounds of wheat on my dining room table?", you may ask yourself.

The simple answer is this: Store what you eat. That's right, the stuff you eat every day. Of course, it helps a lot if the stuff you eat is good, solid food, rather than junk. But hey, those chips aren't really helping you prosper, are they? No, they aren't. They're slowing you down, making you fat.

So, first things first. Diet. Eat meat. Eat veggies. Eat fruit. Cut back on the unnecessary processed carbs. Most people aren't going to want to go wheat free, and that's fine. Most people don't have to. After all, wheat is a great storage food.

To be continued later...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


WHEN IN THE GENERATIONS SUCCEEDING the one that pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to usher in the birth of the world’s only truly free nation, Liberty’s Progeny incrementally ceded their birthright to the government conceived and designed to serve a free people, and not be its servant, this generation is awakening to the terrible mistake that we, and our ancestors allowed to happen. Charged with the terrible knowledge that comes with opened eyes, we now take up the long abdicated duty to rouse our fellow citizens and actively wrest the power and the liberties that have been progressively talked, cajoled, threatened, wheedled, and extorted from us, not only by those who ostensibly served us, but by their supporters and enablers who, by accident or design, saw fit to usurp and disdain such freedoms, that they might be withheld, and where impossible to withhold, might be condemned, until a corrosive contempt for these liberties, wrapped in velvet gloves, might so suffocate the circulation of them that this nation, conceived in liberty and the providence of a wise and benevolent creator, might indeed perish from the earth, plunging the rightful heirs of a proud and noble heritage in the the darkened waters of chaos, despair, and evil that surround them, a dank deluge that even today, other human beings actively seek to escape from in the inspiring embrace of this blessed and free country.

Go read the rest. Spread it around.
The Reclamation of Independence

H/T to Big Dick(NSFW)

Milton Friedman on Donahue

A little talk about "greed" and capitalism...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Food Blogging

Posts have been sparse lately. They've been sparse, because I am enraged to the point of speechlessness much of the time. I can't talk about anything political, without a red curtain falling over my eyes, a RCOB, if you will.

So, here's a recipe. My family always called it "Mexican Steak", I call it Carne Asada, though it is properly neither one. You'll need an electric skillet for this. I suppose you could use a regular skillet, but I've only ever used an electric for this, so we're gonna go with you needing an electric skillet. Really easy. My five year old helped.

Your ingredients:

1.5-2 pounds steak(I use London Broil, because it's cheap)
Diced Tomatoes
3 cloves garlic
Medium onion
Chili powder
seasoned salt
cayenne pepper
ground cumin
red bell pepper
olive oil
rooster sauce
El Pato hot mexican tomato sauce.

Here are your ingredients.
Please ignore the mess. This was all spur of the moment, so I had no chance to sanitize my kitchen in preparation. You won't need the coffee pot, nor the pan of brownies, bottled water, honey or compost bin.

Cut your meat into strips.

Then cut it again, into smaller pieces. They don't have to be perfect, you'll be eating this, not presenting it.

Dice your onion.

Cut your Bell Pepper open and slice it.

Then dice it.

Put the garlic into your garlic press and press it. Do this over the already prepared ingredients, so as to not lose any garlic juice. You do have a garlic press, right? I could not live without mine. I suppose if you're some sort of barbarian who doesn't own a garlic press, you could mince it.

Anyway, into the bowl it goes!

Turn your skillet to 350, and pour in some oil.

Put in enough to cover the skillet bottom.

All that stuff you cut up earlier? Throw it in the skillet.

Add dry seasonings until it starts to smell Mexican.

Add a couple squirts of rooster sauce and let it cook a while.

When the meat stops showing pink, you're ready for the next step. It'll happen pretty fast, so don't go too far.

Dump in the diced maters.

Cook it down a bit.

Surprise! I added corn. I've never done that before, just thought it might add some color and sweetness.

Add half a can of El Pato. Drop the temperature to 300.

Cover it. Be sure to open the vent on top of the cooker. Makes the house smell nice.

Leave it. Walk away. For at least a half hour, maybe 45 minutes.

Yours should look like this, more or less. Don't mind the few burned bits here, the corn burned a little, doesn't effect the taste.
Add the rest of the El Pato. Cook for about five minutes, uncovered.

Voila! Growing up, we ate this with tortillas rolled up on the side. Lately, I've been making brown rice with it. Either way, enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Strings said....

Seeing Red

Go there, read it, be angry. And keep your eyes open for a chance to make a difference. These people are out there.

Monday, June 29, 2009

By the way...

47 lbs lost, now. Just sayin'.

Lack of Content

Or, more correctly, content overload. I've had a lot of stuff to write about recently, but no way to coherently present my arguments. So many things have me so angry recently, that I can't let myself dwell on them, lest I find myself in a tower with a rifle. Even that last sentence makes me angry, since I am afraid that something I say in jest makes me a potential target for government data crunchers, and soon I may find grim faced men at my door, questioning me about national security.

I simply don't have any way to express my anger and dismay over the direction we've gone. For years, I've been writing and emailing and phoning, doing my best to ensure my representatives in Congress knew my feelings. Now, Speaker Pelosi tells us they are resisting our sentiments.
Fuck you, Mrs. Pelosi, Ma'am.

Well, I hope to try my hand tomorrow at roasting coffee on my grill. I had planned to do so some time ago, but life gets in the way. And I am lazy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going to Disneyworld, whether we like it or not...

I don't see much of it on the internet, but I hear people talking about it sometimes in casual conversation. A lot of people think there will be an assassination attempt soon. I know the secret service is working overtime to prevent it, more so than any time in recent history, perhaps. The thought is out there.

I just have to say, I think it's a horrible idea. Put aside for the moment the immorality of assassinating a sitting president, the unlikelihood of actually penetrating the ring of security around Obama and the certainty that whoever managed the feat would be spending the rest of his life in a secret cell or worse. What if someone did it? Actually pulled it off. President Biden? Who in the Hell thinks that's a good idea? And gods forbid, if somebody was able to put both of them on ice, who ends up on the hot seat? President Freakin' Pelosi?! Are you kidding me?! Who thinks that wouldn't be a disaster for everyone?

No. Assassination isn't the answer, Bubba. I'm against it, and anyone with half a brain is, too.

Here's the deal, folks. The children are running things now. The adults were in the rear of the van, trying to decide where we wanted to go. Utah? New York? Maybe the old folks home to see uncle McCain? We split our votes, and never came to a real decision. Meanwhile, the kids stole the van and started driving. We were halfway there before anybody noticed, and now it's too late to turn the van around. We just have to go along for the ride, and keep them from spending too much of our money on stuff from the gift shop.

Our job now is threefold. First, restrain the spending as much as we can. Second, we have to make sure the Democrats lose their majority, come 2010. Third, we need a solid candidate to put into the top spot come 2012. We need to agree on those last two soon, so we don't have to worry about a repeat of our most recent indecision.

We have a chance to turn around the car and leave. We don't have money to live in Disneyland forever. But if we don't leave in time, we won't have enough money for gas to get home, either.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The time we have left...

I was over at Brigid's today, reading her most recent post: Skeleton Coasts

Prior to that, a friend and I had a conversation that touched on the subject of time and relationships. Brigid's post and my conversation have me thinking about mortality, and the way none of us really know what time we may have left. As J. Shirley wrote in comments at Brigid's place, we all have the same amount of time, an instant. It's true. In the grand scheme of things, we each are on this earth for only a brief moment.

I learned long ago to suffer fools only reluctantly, and to guard my time jealously from those who would waste it. Far too often, we allow people to steal pieces of our lives, out of politeness, or obligation. I try not to, for I feel my mortality creeping up upon me. Though only 33, we live in uncertain times, and after all, even were I 20, I could be run down in the street later today. Everyone has known someone who is a bore or a pain to speak to. How often do we allow these people to use our precious time?

How often do we willingly trade away moments in pursuits we do not enjoy? How much time spent chasing a paycheck, often at the expense of those relationships or interests we enjoy most? Too often by far, in my experience. Some time ago, I made the choice that I would move toward a life without regrets. I can not change what has passed, but the future is mine to determine.

Ultimately, I choose to pursue those interests which both entertain me, and increase my chances at a life of increased freedom. I seek out those people whose company I enjoy, and I shun those people I have no use for. There is no guarantee of what lies beyond Death's pale curtain, even for those with unwavering faith. I live my life as though these few fleeting years are all I will have.

Laugh without restraint, Love with abandon, seek joy where you can find it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Threepers and The Prags

Before I open this can of worms, let me state for the record, my views, my affiliations, if you will. Actually, I need to go back further, back to the beginning of my political evolution. Raised in CA, a product of the publik skools, I was thoroughly indoctrinated in liberal thought. I believed nobody needed a gun, a real man didn't need one, blah, blah, blah. In my mind, the only people who needed guns were the military. I thought they were cowardly and likely to induce bloodshed. At the same time, I had a rather juvenile preoccupation with knives, particularly the ones found in the BudK catalog.

In my twenties, I began taking POST Reserve training courses, and found that guns were fun to shoot. Around the same time, the Y2K scare was winding up to it's anticlimactic fizzle, and I decided I might need something other than a $20 katana to deal with the rioting hordes. I bought my first firearm, a Taurus revolver in .44 Special. I was bitten by the bug, but it was not yet serious.

After several years of trying to get hired on by a police department(I'd had a dream since childhood of being a police officer, keeping the peace with my pocketknife and my stern words), I elected to front the money, and put myself through the full CA POST academy. I reasoned this would put me on better footing to compete with applicants who had actual college degrees. During training, I was well and completely seduced by the shooting bug. As I began going to ranges, and tryng to engage in my hobby, I began to resent the lengths to which I had to go, due to the onerous laws in my state and county. One thing led to another, and I eventually became a full fledged libertarian, though I got out of the movement before being awarded my Wookie suit.

I swung over to the Conservative side a bit, and back toward the Libertarians with a small l, and finally settled where I am now. Jeffersonian Minarchist, free market supporter with Objectivist leanings despite my Faith. On the topic of guns, I am somewhat to the right of Ted Nugent. I believe the Drug War has cost us too many lives, too much money, and too much freedom. I have long been a pragmatist, seeking comfort in each small gain, and rejoicing at the slow creep of concealed carry across the US, despite the fact that I saw permits as an infringement.

Over the last couple of years, I have seen the government creep increasing speed, and after January, the mad rush toward socialism in America has chilled my blood to ice and caused a realignment in my thinking. I have obeyed the only gun laws I intend to. I am at my line, and I will hold it. No more, and no farther. I have no wish to see revolution in my country, nor do I wish to see bloodshed over our natural rights, but I will do what I feel I must. I try to take small steps wherever I can, to push back the curtain descending upon our country, to fight the creep of socialism.

Now that I have stated where I come from, let me state my intention. I believe the prags and the three percenters are both essential to our freedoms. I see the pragmatists as a negotiation team, sent in under a flag of truce to negotiate with the enemy. I see the threepers as the military sitting back in camp, waiting to begin, should negotiations fail. WE NEED BOTH CAMPS! Without the pragmatists, it becomes all too easy for the media/government to paint all gun owners as crazy gun nuts in need of control. Without the Three Percenters, there is no reason for the enemy to not dismiss us out of hand, and roll over the citizenry unopposed. They can make whatever laws they wish, because they believe no one will stand up to them.

I want to see some sort of accommodation between the groups, I want to see peace between us, to work for a common cause, that of rolling back the infringement of our freedom. I think most of us would agree that the majority of gun laws in this country are useless and anti freedom. It's the way we get them repealed that causes disagreement, in my mind. I've seen a lot of name calling, a lot of rudeness from both camps.

I intend to invite people here from each camp, for an honest debate, in the hope of reconciling two factions who should be working together. I will attempt to avoid moderation of the comments to this post. The things I will delete are obvious trolling posts which consist mainly of name calling, and blatant calls to revolution or assassination of government officials. I don't need that sort of trouble here. Beyond that, I ask only that people debate politely and in good faith. I don't forsee any trouble from those I am inviting, but perhaps spectators from both camps will not be so polite.

I intend at this time to invite Mike Vanderboegh, David Codrea, Sebastian from Snowflakes in Hell and Caleb from Gun Nuts Media, as a start. If any of them choose not to debate, I will attempt to find a suitable replacement for whichever group. I may be asking for trouble, but I feel that, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, we must all come together, or we shall assuredly all hang separately.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Blatherings...

So, I hit my first weight loss goal last week. 36 pounds, which is 10% of my total body weight at the time I started on Weight Watchers. Yay, me! My energy level is increasing steadily, and my overall health is much better. Just hafta keep it up.

I see from my stats that I actually have visitors to my little corner of the web. Howdy, y'all! Sit down, drink somethin', leave a comment. Seriously, nice to know someone's at least reading this stuff.

Swine flu. Wow. You know, I never really got stirred up over the avian flu hoopla, but this stuff actually has me a little bit worried. Glad I got more preps laid in over the last couple of months. It gives me peace of mind that I can spend an extended amount of time at home without needing to visit the store. Who knows if we'll even remember this in ten years, but it has nasty potential, in my opinion.

Coffee. I have been putting off my planned green coffee purchase for some time, and making do with store bought stuff. It's difficult to throw down $100+ on coffee(orders over 25 pounds qualify for free shipping, which is a big deal when it ships from New Jersey), more so when things are as tight as they have been lately. Yesterday, I added together the dregs of a couple near empty bags of green beans, and got enough for a half pound. OMG, I can't believe I have been drinking that swill in a can. So, looks like I'm gonna have to tighten my belt a bit, and order some coffee, come payday.

Airforce One buzzing New York City? Who the hell authorized that little stunt? Idiots.

I saw a sign today, on the way through the next town. ".22 Ammo in", it said. I feel like I've gone crazy. Stores are actually putting out signs when they get shipments of .22 ammo. Holy Moly.

Well, that's what I have for now. All you anonymous readers, keep dropping in. It certainly adds a bit more pressure to write, when I know I have an audience.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Weight loss, continued...

328 pounds as of this morning. That's 32 pounds lost since February 28. Last week was bad for weight loss. I fell off the wagon pretty badly, not tracking much of my food for two days, and an emergency room induced Carl's Junior visit on Saturday. Still, this week went great, and I am back in control.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here we go, the anti-gun media is going to jump on this one.

3 officers killed in PA

PITTSBURGH – A man opened fire on officers during a domestic disturbance call Saturday morning, killing three of them, a police official said. Friends said he had been upset recently about losing his job and that he feared the Obama administration was poised to ban guns.

The calls to lock down gun sales should come soon. More at the link.

I can controlz teh Intranets???

No. Not only no, but Hell no. This can not be allowed. Some of our "betters", our lords and masters up on the shining hill in D.C., have decided that bloggers need to be silenced. I can't think of any other reason why they would need to have the power to shut down the internet. Look here:

Thu April 2, 2009 12:33 PM PST

Should President Obama have the power to shut down domestic Internet traffic during a state of emergency?

Senators John Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) think so. On Wednesday they introduced a bill to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor—an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure.
There's quite a bit more at the above link.
This can not be allowed to happen.
If it goes through, it's a big step closer to the ammo box, and we do not want to do that. I'd suggest getting phone numbers and addresses of people you know in cyberspace, just in case this happens. If our ability to organize effectively is curtailed, we'll be in a world of hurt. The internet has been the reason behind some of the more extreme policy reversals we've seen lately. The DOJs decision to scrap used brass, the statement by Holder that a new AWB is needed, things like that. If we can't make our voices heard, the government has a lot less to fear. Can you imagine going back to the days when the only news came from big media?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Woot! Weight loss.

I got on the scale this morning, and I am now at 339.6 lbs. That's down from 360 when I started Weight Watchers. It hasn't been as difficult as I thought, for the most part. 25 more pounds will put me at my August 2006 weight of 315. That's what I weighed when I began my current job. 20 pounds more from there, and I can begin running a little bit. At that point, the weight should really start to come off. Boy, I am excited.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making the most of things.

I was visiting Breda's blog today, when I stumbled across this little gem she posted.

Very thought-provoking. Thanks, Breda.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where do we begin?

I've mentioned before the role of education in the saving of our Republic, and I think we all recognize, at some level, that we must reclaim education if we are to reclaim our country. Where do we start, though? Do we abandon our current careers, go back to school for teaching certificates, and spend 20 years trying to teach the next generation self-reliance?

I don't think so. Certainly, for young people, that might be a viable option, and it is an admirable one. However, we need action that produces faster results than that. To that end, I have suggestions...

Make a new shooter. Find a friend, family member or co-worker who is not a gun-owner, and work to make them one. It has been written that power comes from the barrel of a gun. Well, so can freedom. My own political rebirth and journey toward freedom began with shooting. As a new shooter learns more about guns, he/she learns about the absurd patchwork of laws governing them. Guns breed a desire for freedom, and that is your ally.

Subvert the work your local school district has done. When a young person in your life begins spouting the nonsense which passes for truth these days, correct them. Not with condescension or snotty remarks, but firmly, and provide sources they can check for themselves. When they learn they've been lied to about one thing, it will make them look more critically at other information. Failure to teach critical thinking has been the oppositions greatest success.

Above all, homeschool your own children. It isn't as hard as you might think. If you never allow the rot to gain a foothold, you don't need to dig it out of their brains.

It will take dedication, perseverance and a lot of patience, but freedom can be brought back to this nation.

My weight loss journey begins...

Yesterday, I wrote the following elsewhere...
After high school, I slowly put on weight. I ran a lot in high school, and was trim at 185lbs, 5'7". My healthiest weight since was in the police academy in 2003. I was 5'10", and 295 lbs, up 10 lbs from when I went in, but in considerably better shape. I was running three miles a day, and up to 6 on alternate days. Quite a monster, until I tore up my knee going over a wall during training. Having a bum knee really makes the weight go up. In May of '06 I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, put two and two together and figured out I'd had it since I was in the academy. It came on with the extra muscle I put on my chest. It stayed when my chest got fat.
Got up to 360 in August of '05. I decided something had to be done. Got down to 315 by August of '06, then took a desk job. I fought with my weight since then, doing pretty good the first year, only putting on 15 lbs. Last year, I caught a particularly nasty bug that severely reduced my activity capacity. I was back up to 360 last week. Not gonna do it anymore. I just need to drop enough weight to be able to run again. Down to say, 290. Then I can shed the rest. My goal is 240, though 215 would be nice.
I had a physical last winter, at 350. Other than my weight, the doctor was shocked at my overall good health. Blood pressure is normal, cholesterol good, no other warning signs of any bad stuff. I don't like the way I look or feel at this weight. I want to be around for my daughter. I want to feel like I did in the Academy again.

This would be easy if it were something I could quit cold turkey. I can drop bad habits, but I can't stop eating altogether, clearly. My insanely busy schedule complicates matters. When I don't get enough sleep, it's damned hard to get any exercise.

I joined Weight Watchers today. Got a work buddy on it, too.

We'll see what happens. As of today, I am 357 lbs. It would be nice if one or two of y'all could keep on my ass about this.

Oh yeah. How'd I drop from 360 to 315 in a year? I had a job in a titanium foundry, slingin' airplane parts. 10 hour days carrying 60-85 lbs housings will take the weight off, let me tell ya....truth be told, I only worked that job six months, so yeah. 45 lb loss in six months...

Then, today....
Well, the first day went well. I was out and about, so I ended up hitting Burger King for my first meal, used half my points there, even with choosing healthier options. undecided Kept an eye on what I ate thew rest of the day, and ended up coming in exactly at my points limit. Wasn't terribly hungry, even when I woke up this morning, but I definitely felt more energized than usual. Must be the extra veggies. Hmm, think I'll blog this.

Anyhow, I finished brunch a while ago, and I am at just under half my allotment of points for today. I also have more than my daily points in extra "activity" points, as well as flex points they give me for the week. Haven't felt a burning need to use them, though. Knowing they are there helps.
A bit different from my usual freedom oriented stuff. Only, not so different, when you think about it. Here, I speak of freeing myself from unneeded weight, from the daily troubles of a fat man, in a world designed for smaller people.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Freedom

Reading a friends blog, I left a comment, a comment I got rather carried away with, and so I post it as my own blog here. The comment I left was in response to something she said about things she wasn't taught in school, like the difference between a privilege and a right. Of course, me being who I am, I got my rant on, and said the following.

They do not teach this stuff in school, and it is by design, rather than accidental. The school system was created to mold subservient worker drones, not active, critically thinking citizens. It has succeeded, to a large degree.

Those of us who are awake and paying attention have a huge responsibility. We are the last fading chance for Western Civilization. The heritage passed on to us by the Greeks and Romans is like a guttering candle flame, nearly extinguished by the wind. We must shelter it, and give it care, or it will be extinguished, plunging the world into darkness.

Benjamin Franklin, when asked what kind of government he had given us, replied, "A republic, if you can keep it.". Well, we've lost it, as few people even understand that our government was not meant to be a mob rule situation. So, it falls to those few of us who care, to do what we can to bring it back, to give honor to those men and women who risked their lives, their fortunes and their families, to ensure that liberty and freedom were made law.

We got in the mess we are in, because education was left in the hands of evil people who desired power. We got into this mess because of a willingness to compromise, to give in, "for the greater good". Well, it hasn't been for the greater good. My grandparents knew freedoms I can only dream of today, and my daughter will not have many of the ones I have now, unless we shoulder the burden, and take back our lives from the traitors in Washington DC.

Some freedoms have been won by those who did not have them, and for that I am grateful. However, many more have lost basic human rights under this government, and that is not something we should be willing to live with. The 20th century has been among the darkest in this nations history.

I will not go quietly into that dark night, I will not yield, I will not submit. I will rage against the theft of my freedom, and I will do what I must to educate others in the rights and responsibilities of an American citizen. Men and Women have bled the ground red to preserve our birthright as Americans. 200 years of blood calls out, asking us to hear, to understand what has been taken from us. Shall it fall upon deaf ears? I say no. I say we take back our rights. What has been lost can be retaken. We shall not fail, we shall not falter, and if we fall, to be trod upon and crushed underfoot, let no one say it was because we did not try.

The one thing the politicians understand is loss pf power. We, the people, hold that power. Only too few of us are educated enough to understand. That is our duty, to seek out the truth, and to spread it. Seed the contagion of truth and of freedom among those you know. Do not allow ignorance to be passed as truth.

The road will be long, and it will not be easy. You and I may not see the end, nor may our children. But if we persist, if we pass our legacy, our truth on to our descendants, one day, the people of our country will know true freedom again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Foolishness, folly and filthy traitors...

Over the last decade, as I have learned more and more about the things I was never taught in public school, I have at times been bemused, irritated, frightened, disgusted, and a range of other emotions. I have suffered an ever increasing concern over the direction I have seen this country taking. I have called, emailed and phoned politicians, from mayor to congressmen, all the way up to the president. I've passed out fliers and collected signatures for petitions. I have tried to organize people, even had a hand in a failed third party or two.

Through it all, I have tried to keep a cheerful outlook on things. At this juncture, all I feel is anger. Anger at the dirty rat bastards who passed this joke of a stimulus bill, casting my grandchildren into debt, and pulling the rug from under economic recovery, all in the name of political gain.

Furthermore, now some faceless government bureaucrat will tell my doctor how to best treat me? Unacceptable. I hear the rumblings of states who are near to fed up with the feds, and I wish my wife would pack up and move with me. Montana would be nice, where we can still get a piece of land and outfit it for survival. I see the grumblings of the discontent, and I wonder where the new patriots are.

I fear reasoned discourse may be a forgone conclusion at this point. The feds have pushed and pushed, and states are beginning to push back. We have a president whose idea of working with the losing team is to tell them, "I won", as though that is sufficient to invalidate their concerns. He has his pet chief of staff in charge of the census, and he has Congress dancing to his tune.

I see CA is possibly going to cut food stamps. Nothing good will come of that, though I would ordinarily be the first to applaud such a measure. It needs to be phased out, not yanked away. One by one, I see the bastions of reason and rationality crumbling. Daily, we hear of new legislation proposed to be rammed down our throats. Like children, we are told we will take our medicine, whether we like it or not.

I think we went wrong when we stopped using rope on journalists and politicians. Even as I write this, I fear a visit from stern faced men in suits who will question me for making threats.

Deep within, I feel the heat of a burning rage as it stirs to life. I hope to channel it into some useful form of action, but what? The left has shown us that peaceful protest does nothing, else the war would have ended years ago. Clearly the ballot box no longer works, as the number of useless morons now outnumber the thinking populace. The jury box is no good in a country where the education system has been turned against our history and civic duties. I shudder at the notion of civil war, but I greatly fear that is where we are headed.

I fear for my family. I fear for the future of our country. I fear for the unborn generations who may never know freedom, once the light of America is extinguished. I rage at the treason which has brought us to this place. Treason by the very people we elected to serve us.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

That's it, I'm done....

All through the election cycle, I had people I knew, people who normally were reasonable, intelligent people, telling me that, "Obama won't take your guns", despite reams of evidence to the contrary.....
Now, here we are, not 20 days into his administration, and we have Eric Holder as Attorney General, Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff...Obama may not try to take my guns, but his cronies sure as hell will.
This morning, I logged onto the internet, and everywhere I went, I saw this:

A list rife with errors, with no way to clear ones name after being mistakenly put on, a list one of our congressmen was on, fer Chrissake! And, as Breda says, "Why does the government assume that they are the only ones with a list?".

800 Billion dollars for special interests, in the name of "stimulating the economy"? The fox is in the henhouse, my friends. We are in for interesting times. When things collapse, and the fighting starts, the grocery stores will shut down. I have spent my whole life being accommodating, being "tolerant" of those who used the Constitution for toilet paper. Putting up with differing viewpoints. No more. I am right, and on this subject, anyone who disagrees is wrong. End of story.