Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holy crap, two weeks!??!?

Where does the time go? 
The Oregon Jamboree is in town, sigh...I can't believe I was excited about this when I moved here. It's like a freakin' plague of locusts has hit town. Drunken, rowdy locusts. I went to Safeway earlier, and I had to climb *into* the milk cooler to get the last two gallons of milk. As in, feet off the floor, my body fully *inside of* the cooler.  
One couple set up camp last year directly across the street from my house, and treated us as their replacement television, watching us as we went about our lives, pointing at things they found of interest. At one point, a friend stopped by, but I had my hands full, and couldn't get to the door in time. I stepped out on my balcony, and was informed by the couple across the street that, "There was a guy in a green Chevy at your door. He went that way."..? They've set up in the same place this year. 
So far today, I have chased three volunteers away from my driveway, which they like to block with cars...

Well, at least I can listen for free. Or rather, I must listen. Even with my windows closed, I have no choice.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I need a larger coffee roaster...

The one I have only does a pot at a time. Therefore, I have to roast several times a day to feed my addiction. I found this one: Behmor Drum roaster at Sweet Maria's for just $299. A bit more than I can afford this moment, but as a planned purchase, quite doable. It can roast up to a full pound at once, and can do four batches in an hour. Very nice, I could roast my coffee for the week over an hour or so, and also give gifts to friends. The downside is that it isn't the best for darker roasts. since I started roasting my own though, I have discovered that coffee doesn't have to be roasted charcoal black to be drinkable. Indeed, one of my favorite roasts so far has been on the very light side.

Even my "accidents" have been better than anything I ever drank from the store, and better even than most "fresh roasted" beaneries. I cannot believe it took me so long to discover roasting my own!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

As the seasons turn, the colors change....

I got a little tired of the standard Black with grey that I initially chose when I started blogging. It's also a bit hard on the eyes...
so, let me know what you think of the new color scheme.