Monday, June 30, 2008

In which I feed my addiction....

So, this morning, bright and early, I realized that my sampler of green coffees from Sweet Maria's is nearly gone. I have enough for 5 or 6 pots of coffee, then it's back to store bought swill.
So, I went online and ordered 25 lbs of green coffee goodness. I got 5 lb packages of Kenya, Sumatra and Papua New Guinea. I also picked up 5 lbs of Mocha Java and 5 lbs of something called "Eyes Wide Open" blend. Supposedly, they chose the beans based on high caffeine content. That should be interesting...

Speaking of interesting, I found a 12 cup French Press on the Sweet Maria's site. $49.95
Guess I know what I am buying for myself as soon as I can find a good excuse. 

So, my order is supposed to ship within 1-2 days of ordering. UPS from New Jersey takes about 6 days, so that'll put it into next week sometime. Maybe by next Friday, I will have my coffee,  my precious, my own. Preeeeccciiooouuuussssssss.......

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, I'm late to the party,  but I've got a bit to say, anyhow. first thing I did this morning was head over to Scotusblog to find out the decision. That set the tone for my whole day. Overall, I'm damn happy with the decision. It could be better, in particular, I wish they'd addressed the "bear arms" part of the question, but that really wasn't what the case was about. Maybe someone in DC will test that part in a couple months. Or maybe it's best to let sleeping dogs lie and continue down our current course, which seems to be working just fine.
The next few months should be very interesting, as the various Communist states shuffle and dodge, trying to weasel out of the decision. Eat my shorts, Diane Feinstein....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recoil whore....

I've always known I was fond of heavy recoil. Shotguns and Mosins don't bother me like they do other people. I wasn't quite aware of how much I like recoil until yesterday. I'd shot somewhere around 300 rounds from my Baretta Neos, and switched to my carry guns. Starting with the p-11, I was suddenly having a lot more fun. I switched to the Glock 22, then the 21. The bigger the gun, the more fun I was having. Finally put a few rounds downrange from my 3 inch .44 special. I LOVE recoil! .22 is fun, but it just doesn't do the same thing for me.

Monday, June 9, 2008

What a surprise....

What Kind of a Western Bad-Ass are You?
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A thank you for Matt G....

Back in January, I read this post from Matt.

I've been thinking about fresh roasted coffee since, and finally realized that I can roast my own coffee for less than I can buy a can of cheap swill in the store, let alone buying the whole bean stuff. So I used some of my "stimulus" check, and bought a Fresh Roast Plus 8 from Sweet Maria's.
Thor's Beard.....
I can't believe I was going without this stuff for so long. Even the worst of what I have done so far is orders of magnitude better than what comes in a can, even better than grinding store bought beans. And the caffeine content is MUCH higher, it seems. I'm actually saving money by roasting my own beans, and getting a better result in the bargain.

So, I raise my freshly roasted, ground and brewed cup of Papua New Guinea Peaberry in a toast to Matt. Thanks for giving me the knowledge to better myself (and if you don't believe coffee can make you a better man, that's because you've been drinking swill). And curse you for getting me hooked on roasting.
Now he's trying to convince me I need a French Press. Not that I wasn't thinking so, myself....and a burr grinder, and a water filtration system, and maybe some more of that Sumatra Mandheling.....

Coffee cup meme...

Well, I didn't get tagged, but I saw this at Matt's place, and it seemed like a good reason for a post. Trying to get into the habit, ya know?
So, here's what I am drinking from at the moment. That's freshly roasted and ground coffee, courtesy of my new Fresh Roast Plus machine. Yummy!

I'm tagging Strings and Blondage.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Overheard in the local A&W....

Bush could lower the gas prices anytime he wants to, Hell, he owns half the G**D***** oil companies, anyway!

Where to begin?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tiny bits, which fall from my mind...

I just don't seem able to keep up on this blogging thing. I take to it in fits and starts, and Blogger doesn't help by losing my posts. Maybe I'll switch to wordpress....
Been very busy with the business stuff lately. Learned some cool staff tricks from MCP, Megan Claire Pike..If you look her up on You Tube, you'll find her videos. It's amazing, the things she can do with a stick and no hands...hmm, nevermind, that isn't what I meant.

As usual, I am upset about the direction our presidential race has taken. These are the best three our country could produce? I could drag a porkchop past a homeless shelter and find a more worthy candidate. Though, as LawDog points out, most people have forgotten what small power a president is actually authorized to wield. It seems to me, the only difference between McCain, Clinton and Obama is the speed at which the handbasket will drop.

I keep thinking about the astronauts in the space station with no bathroom. Of the articles I have read, only one mentioned they were using the facilities on an escape craft, but it also stated those facilities were very limited. I mean, really. What are they doing? It isn't like they can step out and go behind a bush. And they can let it float around inside, either. I don't imagine they have many Walmart bags on hand, either.

I've had quite a lot of allergy difficulties lately. Claritin takes care of my runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing, or Benedryl works, if I run out of Claritin. But the only thing for a sinus headache and congestion is the stuff I can't get anymore. Since the drug warriors decided we needed to be protected from Meth producers, I live in a fog, with my head full of snot. But hey, at least the hillbillies down the street have to buy meth imported from Mexico, and that's what matters, right? I did find a small stash of contraband Nyquil and Sudafed when I cleaned out my medicine cabinet the other day. I keep it taped beneath my sock drawer now, lest a house guest find it, and alert the authorities...

Remember. The media lies. The government lies. If you would know the truth, you must seek it for yourself. If you seek the truth, follow the money.