Monday, April 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Blatherings...

So, I hit my first weight loss goal last week. 36 pounds, which is 10% of my total body weight at the time I started on Weight Watchers. Yay, me! My energy level is increasing steadily, and my overall health is much better. Just hafta keep it up.

I see from my stats that I actually have visitors to my little corner of the web. Howdy, y'all! Sit down, drink somethin', leave a comment. Seriously, nice to know someone's at least reading this stuff.

Swine flu. Wow. You know, I never really got stirred up over the avian flu hoopla, but this stuff actually has me a little bit worried. Glad I got more preps laid in over the last couple of months. It gives me peace of mind that I can spend an extended amount of time at home without needing to visit the store. Who knows if we'll even remember this in ten years, but it has nasty potential, in my opinion.

Coffee. I have been putting off my planned green coffee purchase for some time, and making do with store bought stuff. It's difficult to throw down $100+ on coffee(orders over 25 pounds qualify for free shipping, which is a big deal when it ships from New Jersey), more so when things are as tight as they have been lately. Yesterday, I added together the dregs of a couple near empty bags of green beans, and got enough for a half pound. OMG, I can't believe I have been drinking that swill in a can. So, looks like I'm gonna have to tighten my belt a bit, and order some coffee, come payday.

Airforce One buzzing New York City? Who the hell authorized that little stunt? Idiots.

I saw a sign today, on the way through the next town. ".22 Ammo in", it said. I feel like I've gone crazy. Stores are actually putting out signs when they get shipments of .22 ammo. Holy Moly.

Well, that's what I have for now. All you anonymous readers, keep dropping in. It certainly adds a bit more pressure to write, when I know I have an audience.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Weight loss, continued...

328 pounds as of this morning. That's 32 pounds lost since February 28. Last week was bad for weight loss. I fell off the wagon pretty badly, not tracking much of my food for two days, and an emergency room induced Carl's Junior visit on Saturday. Still, this week went great, and I am back in control.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here we go, the anti-gun media is going to jump on this one.

3 officers killed in PA

PITTSBURGH – A man opened fire on officers during a domestic disturbance call Saturday morning, killing three of them, a police official said. Friends said he had been upset recently about losing his job and that he feared the Obama administration was poised to ban guns.

The calls to lock down gun sales should come soon. More at the link.

I can controlz teh Intranets???

No. Not only no, but Hell no. This can not be allowed. Some of our "betters", our lords and masters up on the shining hill in D.C., have decided that bloggers need to be silenced. I can't think of any other reason why they would need to have the power to shut down the internet. Look here:

Thu April 2, 2009 12:33 PM PST

Should President Obama have the power to shut down domestic Internet traffic during a state of emergency?

Senators John Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) think so. On Wednesday they introduced a bill to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor—an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure.
There's quite a bit more at the above link.
This can not be allowed to happen.
If it goes through, it's a big step closer to the ammo box, and we do not want to do that. I'd suggest getting phone numbers and addresses of people you know in cyberspace, just in case this happens. If our ability to organize effectively is curtailed, we'll be in a world of hurt. The internet has been the reason behind some of the more extreme policy reversals we've seen lately. The DOJs decision to scrap used brass, the statement by Holder that a new AWB is needed, things like that. If we can't make our voices heard, the government has a lot less to fear. Can you imagine going back to the days when the only news came from big media?