Saturday, February 7, 2009

That's it, I'm done....

All through the election cycle, I had people I knew, people who normally were reasonable, intelligent people, telling me that, "Obama won't take your guns", despite reams of evidence to the contrary.....
Now, here we are, not 20 days into his administration, and we have Eric Holder as Attorney General, Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff...Obama may not try to take my guns, but his cronies sure as hell will.
This morning, I logged onto the internet, and everywhere I went, I saw this:

A list rife with errors, with no way to clear ones name after being mistakenly put on, a list one of our congressmen was on, fer Chrissake! And, as Breda says, "Why does the government assume that they are the only ones with a list?".

800 Billion dollars for special interests, in the name of "stimulating the economy"? The fox is in the henhouse, my friends. We are in for interesting times. When things collapse, and the fighting starts, the grocery stores will shut down. I have spent my whole life being accommodating, being "tolerant" of those who used the Constitution for toilet paper. Putting up with differing viewpoints. No more. I am right, and on this subject, anyone who disagrees is wrong. End of story.

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