Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Food Blogging

Posts have been sparse lately. They've been sparse, because I am enraged to the point of speechlessness much of the time. I can't talk about anything political, without a red curtain falling over my eyes, a RCOB, if you will.

So, here's a recipe. My family always called it "Mexican Steak", I call it Carne Asada, though it is properly neither one. You'll need an electric skillet for this. I suppose you could use a regular skillet, but I've only ever used an electric for this, so we're gonna go with you needing an electric skillet. Really easy. My five year old helped.

Your ingredients:

1.5-2 pounds steak(I use London Broil, because it's cheap)
Diced Tomatoes
3 cloves garlic
Medium onion
Chili powder
seasoned salt
cayenne pepper
ground cumin
red bell pepper
olive oil
rooster sauce
El Pato hot mexican tomato sauce.

Here are your ingredients.
Please ignore the mess. This was all spur of the moment, so I had no chance to sanitize my kitchen in preparation. You won't need the coffee pot, nor the pan of brownies, bottled water, honey or compost bin.

Cut your meat into strips.

Then cut it again, into smaller pieces. They don't have to be perfect, you'll be eating this, not presenting it.

Dice your onion.

Cut your Bell Pepper open and slice it.

Then dice it.

Put the garlic into your garlic press and press it. Do this over the already prepared ingredients, so as to not lose any garlic juice. You do have a garlic press, right? I could not live without mine. I suppose if you're some sort of barbarian who doesn't own a garlic press, you could mince it.

Anyway, into the bowl it goes!

Turn your skillet to 350, and pour in some oil.

Put in enough to cover the skillet bottom.

All that stuff you cut up earlier? Throw it in the skillet.

Add dry seasonings until it starts to smell Mexican.

Add a couple squirts of rooster sauce and let it cook a while.

When the meat stops showing pink, you're ready for the next step. It'll happen pretty fast, so don't go too far.

Dump in the diced maters.

Cook it down a bit.

Surprise! I added corn. I've never done that before, just thought it might add some color and sweetness.

Add half a can of El Pato. Drop the temperature to 300.

Cover it. Be sure to open the vent on top of the cooker. Makes the house smell nice.

Leave it. Walk away. For at least a half hour, maybe 45 minutes.

Yours should look like this, more or less. Don't mind the few burned bits here, the corn burned a little, doesn't effect the taste.
Add the rest of the El Pato. Cook for about five minutes, uncovered.

Voila! Growing up, we ate this with tortillas rolled up on the side. Lately, I've been making brown rice with it. Either way, enjoy!


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It's pretty tasty. I don't make it near as often as I would like. Thanks for stopping by.