Monday, June 29, 2009

Lack of Content

Or, more correctly, content overload. I've had a lot of stuff to write about recently, but no way to coherently present my arguments. So many things have me so angry recently, that I can't let myself dwell on them, lest I find myself in a tower with a rifle. Even that last sentence makes me angry, since I am afraid that something I say in jest makes me a potential target for government data crunchers, and soon I may find grim faced men at my door, questioning me about national security.

I simply don't have any way to express my anger and dismay over the direction we've gone. For years, I've been writing and emailing and phoning, doing my best to ensure my representatives in Congress knew my feelings. Now, Speaker Pelosi tells us they are resisting our sentiments.
Fuck you, Mrs. Pelosi, Ma'am.

Well, I hope to try my hand tomorrow at roasting coffee on my grill. I had planned to do so some time ago, but life gets in the way. And I am lazy.

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