Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why, hello there!

What a week, eh? Palin using notes from her hand has the naysayers all wee-wee'd up. SO Freaking what!? I'll tell you what it looked like to me. She had her notes right there in front of her, I know, because I watched her while she spoke. What she had on her hand were reminders for some ad-lib talking points she didn't want to forget. When you make a prepared speech, sometimes it goes faster or slower than you intend, and sometimes you end up a bit short.

As if the teleprompter in chief could do better. He had to have a teleprompter to speech to a classroom full of children, fer pete's sake!

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SkippyMom said...

I have kids and 3 are graduated and one is in HS - and I try to impress upon them NOT to write "notes" on their hands. It is tacky and unnecessary. I am sure I am not the only non Democrat to feel the same way.

Last time I checked pen and paper work just fine.

Palin looked like a 17 year old with her "talking points" written on her hand and deserved every bit of derision she received.

Her supporters expect her to be respected - why? I didn't get all wee wee'd [huh?] I just laughed - her actions are ridiculous and this is the future of the party?

Good luck with that.