Monday, February 22, 2010

Stop it, just stop it!

Get your hands off of my health care. So, Obama unveiled his shiny new plan for health care reform today. His shiny new, $1 trillion health care reform plan. Holy Shit. He doesn't get it. He . Just. Doesn't. Fucking. Get. It.

Americans want to be left alone with regards to our health care. Or, if you really want to help, make it legal for us to buy it across state lines. Government needs to get the hell out of the way.

I feel increasingly though as if I am trapped in a poorly written sitcom. Here we are, our ship hurtling toward a massive waterfall, and the captain let's go of the wheel with a cheery, "Hey guys! Let's play Monopoly!"....


ZeeCha said...

Today I also feel a very deep sadness.
Where is my child's heart ...???
What they have forgotten me ...???
Forget the mother who is sick who have no money to seek treatment ...??
I can only sigh .. I drip tears, remembering my childhood when the child was so cute .. they were .. and I always pray the best for all my children ..
While they are growing and getting older ... I feel proud and hope my children will become a useful person for society, especially for families. But .. I like to dream and do not believe in the reality that I faced. I was disappointed and sad ...!!
They have forgotten me ..!!!
I promise not to look for my children again ...

Laura Dale said...

Hey, I have a local friend that started a Blog recently. I think you might find a like mind in a lot of his thoughts regarding preparation & our current state of the Union. Here is the link: