Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Positive aspects to losing my job...

-Lots of free time
-No longer stuck in a dead end job
-The stress of being unemployed and broke is less than the daily stress of my old job
-Get to see my daughter more than 5 hours a day
-Get to see my wife more than 30 minutes a day
-Might be able to finally go back to school and get a degree
-Don't have to spend money on office clothes anymore
-Less worry about laundry
-Don't have to shave as often
-No more employer politics being shoved down my throat
-No more arguing because I refuse to break the law
-I am far less bitter and negative than I used to be
-No longer "an important person"
-Much lower risk of being targeted by an angry citizen with a grudge
-Don't have to listen to my boss give me unsolicited advice about weight/relationships/cars/etc
-No more taking the heat on complaints about people who aren't at work when angry customers come in

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